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Site Audit and Developer Check

Site Audit and Developer Check

Hello all, I hope this is the best place to ask this but if it's not then I would welcome suggestions for the correct forum

So we have a new in-house developer who is a freshly qualified developer straight out of university and whilst he is good with general development he is struggling with two things.

the first thing is our Magento 1 site which he is struggling with and the second is that he is young and doesn't handle criticism very well so we have to be careful with how we handle him.


So our problem is that he is taking on our legacy site and at the same time he is on a steep learning curve using Magento for his first time, what we are worried about is that our site is being used as the testing ground for his learning, we are investing in him with Magento training in the near future and in the meantime we want to know the best way to audit his work and the site in general without upsetting him, ie without him knowing which is a little hard to do when he is managing the hosting and the development and well everything.


Is it possible to audit a site from the front end? or is it possible to do it without him realising?

This is only so that we can protect the site and also protect h from makin serious blunders.


we would be very interested to know if there is anyone out the who could help us




Re: Site Audit and Developer Check

Hello Gavlar0,


The first thing i would do is make a copy of the live site and place this in a folder "dev"
Here he can practice with magento without harming the live site. Make and test changes first in the dev site and then make the changes in the live site.
How to make a copy of a magento installation to a testing enviroment can be found on internet.

Re: Site Audit and Developer Check



to answer your questions - no that would not be possible to fully audit a Magento site from frontend only. You would need an access to code as well.


Of course he is learning on the job and it would be and understandable and reasonable thing to do because he has no Magento skills. Do you pay him below what an average Magento developer earns in your area? There is always a balance between paychecks and expertise. If you are so worried about your site getting all messed up then hire an expert with references.

Now how would I audit a site without him knowing? Easy. You'd give me SSH access to your server, I'd log in remotely and would have a look at the site's codebase. I'd inspect and provide you with a report. 

Contact me if you are interested.

Re: Site Audit and Developer Check

Hi All,


I am sorry if this is no relevant forum, as I am new to this. I was looking for any guides or posts that could help me with a smooth transition from Wordpress to Magento for my blog 


Many thanks and stay safe!