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Site not getting indexed by Google


Site not getting indexed by Google

Magento ver. -


I have done virtually everything to try and get my site fully indexed, no joke. Every single one of my categories and products have quality and lengthy content, images and have boosted up the speed immensely. I dedicated the last month strictly to SEO - updating meta descriptions, keywords, titles, etc. I have administered every recommended Magento setting as well. I've done the screaming frog overview as well.


I'm asking for any other recommendations and for somebody to take a look at my site and tell me what I might be doing wrong. I have noticed that the indexing is steadily going up around 1,000 pages every week, but at that rate my site won't get 50% indexed for another half a year. The site has been live for almost a year now and am starting to think that we're losing more money than gaining. Still getting a couple sales a week, but not what we have hoped.


There is a good chance that an somebody on the outside looking in at my site might be able to pick up on something that I am doing wrong that I am not catching. One thing that I think hurt us big time is creating all new URL's that were more SEO friendly. Google is still picking up on some of the old URL's vs the new ones.


I plan on downloading another extension to furthermore enhance my speed and get rid of the render-blocking files that are occurring sometime next week.


Asking for any help/recommendations at this point. I look forward to hearing back from whomever it may be. Let's get this site indexed!







Re: Site not getting indexed by Google

Disclaimer: I'm not SEO expert, but here's my two cents:


It will take a long while to get indexed if you have that many pages. I imagine Google has got to see that it's worth it as well. I would do what you can to reduce the number of pages in the index if you want to have larger coverage. Even once it crawls it all, it's not going to crawl it all regularly.


I can see from what has been indexed that there's a lot of VERY similar pages, one for each slightly different product code. I'd question whether that's necessary and whether you might have more luck creating a smaller set of indexable pages and mention the product codes on them. 


Maybe you can look to prioritise ranking for  "GOULDS SUBMERSIBLE PUMP" and then have a way of entering model number. If model numbers are mentioned on this page, then it may still return in a search for that exact model code as well.

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Re: Site not getting indexed by Google

Hi @AP_broman


I’ve had a look at your site from an SEO prospective. And here are a few things I would recommend you.

  • Minimize the number of pages. As it has been pointed out above, you have too many similar pages. To Google, they may be seen as thin content, and thus not worthy. What is more, your crawl budget is wasted on those pages, and more important ones can be missed by search engines bots. So the first step it to find duplicate and thin content.
  • One more step towards delivering unique content and user experience is to rethinking your site structure. For example, you have similar models of Submersible Pump: code WE1532H and code WE1512HYU, each of them having a dedicated page. If there is any possibility to set such products up as configurables, you could try that. The details can be reloaded once a customer chooses the needed parameter.

I may not know the specifics of your industry, but what I see in Google index of your site is a great number of almost similar pages with almost identical meta tags.

  • On a side note, the structure of your URLs is not unified, so you have:

 It is advisable to have the same structure across the site.


To sum it up, the idea is to make each page unique and valuable (having a few lines of unique text don’t do the trick, unfortunately), and inform Google about that by submitting an XML sitemap via Search Console.

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Re: Site not getting indexed by Google

Thank you for the feedback. My indexing has jumped immensely.

Re: Site not getting indexed by Google


 I have been facing some of the similar issues with my internal page. I have not uploaded robots.txt as Google asks if you don't need to de-index your any page then no need of it. So I left it. But I cannot see my pages in The page is:

Kindly help me out with it. 


thanks in advance