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Smart Categories Inconsistent Product Count [ EE]

Smart Categories Inconsistent Product Count [ EE]

Hello, I am using Magento 1.14x and specifically the Smart Categories feature. Catalog is roughly 30k products, with a few hundred categories, but only a handful (less than 15-20) smart categories.


I find that the frontend and backend product counts do not match, and that sometimes it will swing a lot in terms of how much shows on the frontend. I understand it is dynamic, but it is changing a lot faster than the catalog is, which is disconcerting to the clients we are building for who expect some degree of stability or pattern.


Most of them are simple attribute sets. Like "Theme = Halloween"


We tried reindexing and it semi-stabilises the count for a short amount of time, but there is still quite a gap.


Using 5 categories, I tested before and after Rebuilding Smart Categories from the Cache Management page.


Before the rebuild these were the numbers:

Category Frontend-Backend
A 0-0
B 0-0
C 163-198
D 149-150
E 44-460

And after

Category Frontend-Backend
A 0-439
B 0-6274
C 163-0
E 149-23
E 44-460  


And I can confirm that the products in categories A and B are not all disabled/out of stock/not visible.


So if anyone is aware if this is indeed a buggy feature, or if they have any alternatives, or tips on stabilizing it that I missed, it would be much appreciated.