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Social Login with additional fields

Social Login with additional fields

Hi everyone,

 We want to add a Social Login function to our site.

There are several great extensions for this, BUT we need to be able to add additional fields to our Registration process.

In our standard registration we ask users for 3 or 4 pieces of additional information (e.g. School name, School address, Licence number etc).

The idea of Social Login is to make the Registration as smooth as possible, but we do still need to capture this additional information.

So far we've drawn a blank in terms of using an out-of-the box Social Login extension.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this issue?

Any ideas most welcome!

Many thanks,

Oliver Page


Re: Social Login with additional fields


You can use this extension to add the needed fields to your registration page -

But the result greatly depends on the social login you are using.

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Re: Social Login with additional fields

Following is the perfect social login extension that allows your customers to login through social accounts, twitter, gmail, yahoo. facebook etc.


profile information is fetched automatically, customers can manually login as well...

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