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Special Price issues?

Special Price issues?

My Manufacturer (Bosch) had a 5% price increase across all their products so I got all sku's for that brand and add 5% to cost price. I uploaded the .csv and used Magmi to update. My Bosch sales stopped dead straight away and I have only  sold 2-3 products since the 4th Nov (the date of the update).

So obviously you say the issue is with price increase the parts are now too expensive, but here is where the plot thickens! when I uploaded the .csv I used the wrong syntax on the special price field. I submitted special price rather than special_price. I have been randomly testing prices and comparing pre and post updates and the prices don't see to have increased.

I have also tested sales and I can order Bosch parts, from the site. I'm confused as to why my sales would be dropped off the planet. I was averaging 3-5 Bosch sales a day but only 2 sales in total since this issue.

Any advice on what I should be looking for or at? Is there Analytics data that could help and if so what would you recommend?


Another update, I found an old price update for Bosch and I have uploaded it yesterday, but still no sales. Analytics reports aren't showing dramatic changes in bosch searches/visits.

Any Ideas anyone?


Re: Special Price issues?

Another update, since last looking, all the prices for my Bosch Products have gone to £0 even though when Magmi had reached 100% the prices were fine. Is is possible for Magmi to continue the updating even after the interface says 100%?


I have tried updating since but still nothing. Ideas?

Re: Special Price issues?

Does anyone know of any type of lock file etc which may be preventing Magmi from updating again? and if so how do I solve this issue?