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Static Blocks not showing

Static Blocks not showing

Hello Magento Community


I am using magento community edition version: with theme Grenada. I am not able to show up custom blocks in frontend. According to Internet resources there should a path System>Permissions>Blocks to add my custom block but there is no such path on my admin dashboard.

Can anyone guide me through this please?


Re: Static Blocks not showing

This path is a relatively new feature and was introduced in Magento CE (or as SUPEE-6788 patch for older versions). So unless you install the patch, those instruction do not apply to you.


I suggest you describe what exactly you did to add your blocks because right now we don't have much to work on. Maybe your scope is wrong? Perhaps there's syntax problem? Block is not active? Maybe you pasted you block markup to the WYSIWYG editor? I don't know.


PS. You should also post you messages to correct topic. This topic is for introducing yourself to the community.

Tanel Raja