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Store level Fullpagecache

Store level Fullpagecache

Hello ,


I am searching for solution or any extension to maintain store/website level cache.

Usually we have around 30 stores in one Magento instance. So we would like to cache refresh for single store specific. So that other  store cache will not effect.

So any one have any Idea how we can do or it's already build please share  extension link .




Re: Store level Fullpagecache


Do you use Magento CC or EE?

EE already has built in FPC extension. For СС you can use Amasty FPC for example. It's should support store level cache by default. One note: not sure about count of products for every store but indexes can take forever for 30 store views if you have a lot of products. 

Re: Store level Fullpagecache

There is no such functionality out of the box. You'll have to build functionality which will:

 - add store_id as tag to every cached value

 - implement cache clear per tag


    public function saveCache($data, $id, $tags=array(), $lifeTime=false)
        $this->_cache->save($data, $id, $tags, $lifeTime);
        return $this;

    public function cleanCache($tags=array())
        Mage::dispatchEvent('application_clean_cache', array('tags' => $tags));
        return $this;

That's how you can group all cache keys around tags, and clear them separately.

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Re: Store level Fullpagecache

Thanks for reply. 

I have tried this before and not helped for me. I am not sure may I missed some thing. 

Let me try once again.  

Re: Store level Fullpagecache

I think the solution suggested by Sinisa should work though I never given a try.