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StoreViews out of sync?!

StoreViews out of sync?!

I have a mysterious phenomenon on a install: We have two StoreViews, the main difference between the the first and the second StoreViews are price, name, description, image_label, short_description, small_image_label, _product_websites, _root_category and _store. All the rest on the second StoreView is on "Use Default Value".


Now it seems the two StoreViews are kind of out of sync; even though both Inventories are the same, StoreView 2 let's customers buy items, where products are out of stock, or some products are just not available on the frontend in StoreView 2.


Any ideas how I can debug something like that?


Re: StoreViews out of sync?!

Hi @fiunagedac,

The way of debugging that kind of scenario is finding one way of reproducing the issue.

Define one product (or several if possible) and a list of steps to follow to reproduce the issue, then try to find the reason for the problem, and then a strategy to address the issue based on the problem.

Best regards.

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