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Strange behavior effecting cron


Strange behavior effecting cron

I've been having a hard time keeping my cron schedule working. If seems the only time I can get it to run is I empty the cache, and then it only runs once.


There is no exception or system log being generated. Nothing in my php error_log either.


I'm starting to wonder if there is some kind of corruption. Anyone have any ideas?



Re: Strange behavior effecting cron

Have you tried installing That will give you a visual view of what is going on with your cron schedule.

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Re: Strange behavior effecting cron

Hi @mcpacific,


First of all please check your all local and community modules config.xml if have any cron syntax. Check the Cron syntax is correct according to its standard.


Next Check the cron settings in magento admin panel have value set properly. Basic settings are

Generate Schedules Every is 15, Schedule Ahead for 20 and other history cleanup and all according to your requirement.


Your Magento root directory cron.php file should execute on each 15 mins.


I Hope this points will help you.




Darshan, Solution Consultant
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Re: Strange behavior effecting cron

Oddly, when I copied the cron.php and from another installation in a subfolder of the account, it started working normally. I really don't know why the original files caused this behavior; the permissions and ownership of the files were identical, as were the contents.


At least now it's fixed. Thank you both!