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Strange cart and backend issue


Strange cart and backend issue

Okay so I am really need some direction and hope someone will understand why I am having this issue. Newer to Magento and inherit this project. First the shopping cart, everything seems like it works, you add an item to the cart, and it goes to view cart page and item is there. Try to do anything with the item... delete, change quantity or continue shopping and add another item and it won't show it. However click on checkout and you will see the second item or the changes you made reflected like quick cart view in the dropdown. So the only page with an issue seems to be the actual Cart page. Sometimes 15 or 20 minutes later it will reflect the change you had made.  Can try at


Issue 2 and I can't help thinking it is somehow related, is the admin backend. I've tried to make configuration changes in the admin and it will act like it saved the change but when I go back to check the setting, it will be as it was previously. Then sometimes, if I go to another page or two later in the admin, then it will actually show the saved, flush cache, other message that it should have showed but the change still won't have been made. Then the strangest thing happens, I will go do something else... because it is driving me crazy... and I will come back and see it changed.


It seems related to session inconsistencies or caching, but I really don't know all the places other the Cache Management in the admin and that didn't do anything to help and it wouldn't seem like the admin issue would be a part of that. Anyway I appreciate any ideas or insight!




Re: Strange cart and backend issue

So strange thing and I can't say for sure how it got resolved, but it is now working again. I had been starting to apply security patches to the site because it was way behind and somewhere in between doing 6285 and 6482 & 6788 it seemed to fix the issue for everything! Not going to question it but in case it helps someone else, there you go.