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Strange order status

Strange order status

Customer placed an order at  09:09:22 today and it was marked as 'Pending Payment'.


The next transaction was at 09:10:14 when it was marked as 'Cancelled'.


Then at 09:14:19 the order gets a transaction complete from PayPal and the order is marked 'Processing'


The order is then marked 'Complete' at 09:14:19, with another 'Complete' with an invoice number at 09:14:21


The items ordered are shown as Cancelled, and the order has a status of 'Complete'.


The payment is showing in PayPal (this is the only payment option we have), and does not appear to have been returned. The customer did not cancel the order herself, but did have some computer issues when placing the order.


Any idea what could have happened here, and more importantly how can I move the order back to 'Processing' without refunding the PayPal payment and getting her to place a new order?


Thanks in advance