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Sync Magento 1.9.4 with Unleashed inventory software has stopped

Sync Magento 1.9.4 with Unleashed inventory software has stopped

I'm looking for help with a problem where Unleashed ( ) has stopped syncing with the Magento 1.9.4 site I am putting together.


The Mangento site is very straight forward with no custom code:


Unleashed is inventory management software.


I have been in contact with Unleashed's support for 2 months and they continually say the problem is on the Magento side, yet it was working 6 months ago, before the project had to be shelved due to other commitments. Nothing has changed in the Magento site or hosting environment in that time, other than existing products had extra content & images added and Grouped Products were created. They maintain they have made no changes either. We appear to have reached a stalemate, so I am hoping to find help.


I can't see anything useful in the logs (to my, admittedly, untrained eye)


Has anyone had experience with Unleashed or even just syncing products from one system to another? I'm hoping it's just a some simple config I have missed (or someone else has changed), though Unleashed keep saying I need to refer this to a developer.


Thanks in advance, I know this is a longshot...



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