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Tech Data XML feed import

Tech Data XML feed import

I have installed a new site and have been trying to find a way to import products from Tech Data using a https link provided by them. My programming knowledge is very limited, but as far as I understand, I need to send an XML file through this link to make a request to the site to specify the information that needs to be imported into Magento. I also received a zip file containing some DTD files which are supposed to be used in the requests. Has anyone ever done this? Can anyone point me to a solution?


Thanks for your help.


Re: Tech Data XML feed import


If I understood you correctly, you need to import XML feed with products data. In Magento  there are available dataflow profiles (System -> Import / Export -> Dataflow profiles) that have flexible XML config and mapping for each profile. 


If you do not have it saved and have http link to your XML, you can use this import tool to fetch it automatically without re-saving.