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Terms & Conditions During Checkout


Terms & Conditions During Checkout


Not sure if this is the correct forum if not could an admin move it to the correct one, please.

Could someone let me know if when someone accepts the Terms & Conditions During Checkout, and proceeds and places an order, is it stored somewhere in the system to say that they have accepted the website terms & conditions before placing an order?

The reason I ask is we have a dispute with a credit card company and need to prove this customer has accepted the terms & conditions, the checkbox to accept the T&C's has been in place since day one of the site going live over 3 years ago and works!


Any help much appreciated.








Re: Terms & Conditions During Checkout


By default Terms and Conditions Value after place an order are not saved anywhere in database.


Terms & Conditions Checkbox validation is handled by Javascript so if customer doesn't check Terms & Conditions Checkbox, Order is not placed and all this processing are handled using javascript.


So You cant find info about Terms & Conditions checkbox in database anywhere.


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Re: Terms & Conditions During Checkout

@Rakesh Jesadiya I had a feeling this was the case but wanted to be certain before I sent a reply.


Although technically they can't order without checking T&C if the checkbox is enabled, maybe it might be something worth considering to add something to the database and the order plus the confirmation email sent to the customer & admin to say they have agreed to the T&C's.

This way there is solid proof that the customer has agreed to the T&C's when placing an order.

If someone has done this or know how to do this I would be grateful if they could share.