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The big unknown Magento Connect Login loop


The big unknown Magento Connect Login loop

I have read all the topics on this issue here and on stackexchange but nobody is able to sove this big issue, other than giving me a workaround to install everything using CLI.


What is the Problem ?

After some normal usage time, all of a sudden Magento Connect manager becomes unable to be logged in to. What ever I try, I always get the login screen back.


What have I tried ?

- is stuck in login loop.
- tried to clean /var/cache and /var/session and /downloader/cache.cfg, then I can login maybe once more but if I try to install a plugin, back in loop.
- cleared the chrome/edge/internet explorer cookies doesn't help
- /app/Mage.php is available
- /app/etc/local.xml is available
- ran magento-cleanuptool.php to set dir permissions and clear logs
- ..mage commandline in root still works but isn't easy GUI so I really want /downloader to work again


All the topics I've read, nobody knows an answer. I tried taking the entire adminhtml dir from a fresh install again, no solution. I also tried the entire /app/code/core/Mage and Zend dir too because I am becoming hopeless, also nothing.


Please if someone knows, help me out here. I will buy you a cup of coffee.


Re: The big unknown Magento Connect Login loop

Hi @vdheuvel,


Personally, I don't recommend installing packages through the Magento Connect manager. You should always review the code before installing what you need to install on the platform.


One way to do this is by copying and pasting the extension key from Magento Connect on this website:


By doing that, you will be able to direct download the extension/language pack code and review it. Then you just have to install the extension like any other extension.


Best regards.


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Re: The big unknown Magento Connect Login loop

Thanks @Gabriel Guarino but for my customer it really is a lot easier if he can do it himself without me doing all the work for him. But I have found the solution:


It took a delete of the /downloader/cache.cfg and my customer had enabled https as the preferred protocol in the connect.cfg. A './mage config-set protocol http' resolved the issue after wiping the cache and sessions folder.

Re: The big unknown Magento Connect Login loop

Could I ask for a bit more detail into the steps you took to resolve this issue please. It's slowly driving me mad!!!