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Tier Price error

Tier Price error

Got called into the web developers office today with an error on one machine. This affects all browsers and user is able to access other machines without any issue.


The users "Tier Price" has a pre-loaded field opposed from all other users who use Magento, and this pre-loaded field does nothing when accessed. No drop down, no typing nothing.


I am not familiar with Magento and was called in because the web dev lead couldn't figure it out either.


There has been zero updates on the system or error associated with browsers, java, or flash.


I dont want to whip the computer and start fresh if I dont have to and have come here to see if anyone else has come across this issue with a positive resolution.


Attached is a photo of what the user see's(1) and also what it's supposed to look like(2) Price tier 1.PNGprice tier 2.jpg

 We also have some errors with the code that may be useful



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Re: Tier Price error

According to the error, you have some customizations in the admin area.

I can see there is an attempt to use Angular in Magento admin, and something is wrong with that customization.