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Tier Pricing issue when added to cart

Tier Pricing issue when added to cart

So i am testing out tier pricing with groups to see how well it works with magento. I can see the tier pricing for the different groups but when a customer adds the item to their cart the base price is shown. Now this is only happening when the customer is logged in. I do have tier pricing set for NOT LOGGED IN customers and the price does show up correctly in the cart. 


I have tried different groups and tiers but when i am logged in the price always shows the base price in the cart. Could it be an issue with the template? Any ideas?


There is only one item right now and sample login info is listed below.


Accesshop template

v community


pw: demo123




Re: Tier Pricing issue when added to cart

Fixed. You need to have the "Disable Automatic Group Change Based on VAT ID" boxed checked and it works.