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Tier pricing problem with percentages

Tier pricing problem with percentages

Hi there,


I'm having a strange issue with tier pricing in Magento. For some products I have setup a discount percentage which is related to the amount of products FYI; 5 products 5%, 10 products 10%, etc.


However when  select a an attribute like color, the tier pricing starts dancing around and show up as a fixed price of € 95,- and gives a strange percentage. As you can see in the following screenshots:


Normal state:


State after selecting a color attribute:


I just update magento to version and the problem still excists, can anyone assist me with this problem?




Re: Tier pricing problem with percentages

Can anyone help me look into the right direction? Thanks

Re: Tier pricing problem with percentages

You can try Magento Percentage Tier Price extension

The extension extends default Magento Tier Price function by allowing admins to define tier prices as a percentage

See more useful features:

+Easily set up tier price based on standard price or group price

+Set tier price in a fixed amount or in percentage

+Automatically update tier price when price is changed

Hope it helps!