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Tracking PayPal with Google Analytics.

Tracking PayPal with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is no longer showing how users originally found the website if they place an order through PayPal.


We are accepting credit cards (through PayPal pro) as well as PayPal. I was given the option to either host the payment ourselves, or have PayPal host it.  Since I was worried about meeting the compliance as well as the customer's credit info being compromised, I choose to have PayPal host it. 


We followed these steps...

1.       Log into your PayPal account

2.       Click on the “Profile” link located under the “My Account” tab

3.       Click on “Website Payment Preferences” found in the right-hand column under “My Selling Tools”

4.       Set “Auto Return” to ON and enter the URL of your ecommerce thank-you page

5.       Ensure that your thank you page URL is in the return url box

6.       Enable Payment Data Transfer (PDT) in your PayPal account (This allows you to transfer payment details (the item purchased, the transaction amount, geographical location of the buyer) to your website domain. Once you turn on “Payment Data Transfer” it will be applied to all Auto Return payments unless otherwise specified within the button or link for that website payment.)


What am I missing? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Magento version 1.9.2