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Transactions list

Transactions list

HI ,

i'm having problems with the transactions page under the sales menu : i can only see transactions made via paypal .

If i want a list of the orders paid by bank transfer nothing comes up, any idea what could be the problem ?


the webstore runs under magento 


thanks for your help !


Re: Transactions list

What payment gateway are you using? The reason why you can see the PayPal one is because it was built in and that is using that information to populate that list.


Is it a built in payment gateway (not check or money order), or a 3rd party gateway?

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Re: Transactions list

HI kab8609,


on the top of paypal we have 2 more gateways :


built in : bank transfer 

3rd party : bongous 


none of these appears in the transactions list , paypal only ...


thx for your help !