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Two installations with the same inventory


Two installations with the same inventory

Hi everyone,


I have a big problem to solve. I'm working in a company that have two Magento installations, retail and wholesale... Whatever reason they didn't create to website in the same installation... Now the problem is... Most of the product need to be added in both of stores and the main problem is about inventory. The stores have about 3k products and manage the inventory is so insane.


The question is... Does someone already the same problem? Is there any kind of extension the can solve this problem, i.e., make possible use the same inventory for two or more installations?



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Re: Two installations with the same inventory

Your best solution is to start merging on instance into the other.


However, for the time being I would just upload a inventory update CSV on both sites (or even better create a extension that automatically pulls the inventory file and applies it).

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Re: Two installations with the same inventory

Thank you for your reply... That is the solution that we are implementing, It is good to see that we are making the right/better (or at least someone else agrees with us) solution to solve a problem.


Thank you again.