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UPS Doesn't Remember Shipping Methods On Save

UPS Doesn't Remember Shipping Methods On Save

I have an unusual situation where Magento 2.1.7 doesn't remember the selected UPS shipping methods. This issue is only affecting UPS, no other carriers. If I choose a shipping method such as Ground, click save, and scroll down, it does not remember the selection.

I had attempted to use a 3rd party integration called XPSShip and I suspect this created the issue but I can't figure out how to restore the default database tables that may have been affected because I don't know what tables it changed or how.  I didn't back them up because I didn't know it would affect them, so I don't have a clean copy to restore.

Has anyone else experienced this symptom, or can anyone suggest how I could completely restore UPS to all it's installation defaults, including the database tables?


Re: UPS Doesn't Remember Shipping Methods On Save

Hi @goblenc,


I don't know that module but if you could share the code I can help you to confirm if that code has changed something into the database or somewhere else.

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