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UPS Method issue

UPS Method issue

Hi, I have hard times to get UPS working on the website i'm building, I keep getting error message:" This shipping method is currently unavailable. If you would like to ship using this shipping method, please contact us.  "

Country of origin is Canada, any help please ?


Re: UPS Method issue

No replies !

Anyway, I found the solution !

Re: UPS Method issue

Hey there, since you didn't give a answer I'll try to figure this out.


  • Double Check the credentials
  • Double check product weights (that is it valid and under the maximum weight)
  • Double check available methods
  • Turn on Debug mode
  • Do you have https enabled? If not, it should be in "test" mode.

If none of these are working, then examine the UPS logs in var/log to see what the message is.

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