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UPS Shipping not calculating with dimensional weights.

UPS Shipping not calculating with dimensional weights.

I am relatively new to the Magento platform


The Normal UPS Magento Configuration for Shipping Methods does not accurately calculate the pricing we are getting from WorldShip when putting the order together.

Usually, we are losing money on every order due to shipping costs.

I think it has to do with dimensional shipping weights. We had an agency set up our site, and there seems to be something off about our product "size." It's an attribute that has a drop down... and that just seems weird to me.

How would we set up Magento to use the size of the product as well in calculating the shipping costs?


Where does UPS find its dimensions/weights for shipping calculations in Magento?


UPS Response from their Support

Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your inquiry. UPS Developer APIs can be integrated with a shopping cart solution. However, the integration process varies based on the shopping cart solution you are using.

UPS provides the information required by a developer to create an application that can interface with our systems and gather data. The end user applications, such as the UPS components of your shopping cart, are completely the service provider's creation. For this reason, you will need to contact Magento for assistance with this issue.

Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.


Thank you for the help


Re: UPS Shipping not calculating with dimensional weights.

After further testing, it does seem to calculate off of weight alone.


If I change to the "billable" weight suggested in UPS World Ship, Magento shows very close to the same price but still having an issue with all the additional charges of having an oversized product.


Re: UPS Shipping not calculating with dimensional weights.

Alright, talked to shipper HQ and our new web guy. It seems that Magento only uses its weight of an object. Shipper HQ adds in the dimensions of an object to fit into a box. 


The size drops down in a simple product was an attribute added by the previous website agency that was supposed to be used on display in the front end and has no relation to shipping information on the backend... Yikes

I almost feel sorry for Magento on this being my first experience with the platform. The previous web agencies really messed up the product information...