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URL Products dont change after reindex

URL Products dont change after reindex

Hello community.


As I typed in the subject, I'm having serious problems about reindexing the products url. I imported a massive bulk of products to my webpage and now we are editing all the products for get better seo performance. The problem is the following:


As you can see the url is one-piece-tshirt-wanted-luffy-man-ss-sand-basic-xxl-xl-l-s-xs.html and in the admin panel is camiseta-luffy.html


I truncated core_url_rewrite and cleaned up the cache and reindex everything, but still is appearing as one-piece-tshirt-wanted-luffy-man-ss-sand-basic-xxl-xl-l-s-xs.html


I dont know what can I do for finally fix this, thanks in advance.