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URL Rewrite Management problem, 6.5 million URL’s

URL Rewrite Management problem, 6.5 million URL’s



I have here a very big problem with my Magento store

The store has like 40000 category’s and 3000 products. Some of this products are under each category. Magento create not one URL for that products, but for each category an own URL, like follow:


and go on. Some products has 40000 URL’s. Use Categories Path for Product URLs is set to no. But Magento is still making this URL’s, the problem with this large amount of URL’s that the catalog URL rewrite indexing is not working well, also it make the site very slow.


In the frontend you cannot see the URL’s, always show the URL. When you go directly to the URL is working too.


The site map only see the right URL’s, like 100000 what is normal.


Is this normal that Magento makes so many URL’s?


Is there a way to make that Magento is not creating Categories Path for Product URLs, so that the amount of URL’s in the URL Rewrite Management is normal.


Thanks for any response.