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URL Rewrite Problems

URL Rewrite Problems

We have a Magento (Version store with about 8,500 products, of which 140 or so have incorrect URLs.


Most have been created because of duplicated product names / url keys - which have now been corrected manually but, despite that work, we still have residual problems we are unable to resolve.


In the Magento product record, for example, we have a product with :-


URL key = marigold-gifts-luxury-lap-tray-sea-shells

URL path according to Magento Export CSV = marigold-gifts-luxury-lap-tray-sea-shells.html

Actual URL = marigold-gifts-luxury-lap-tray-squirrel-and-a-bird-bath-24050.html


Using  myPhpAdmin we have truncated (i.e. cleared) the core_url_rewrite database, then re-indexed in Magento, cleared all caches and logged out / logged in - the URL data is entirely unchanged and the actual page url is still wrong.


Would appreciate any ideas as to what needs to be done to fix this.


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