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Unable to Locate Files


Unable to Locate Files

Hi guys, I've reached dead end and need your advice as I am facing a couple of issues.


1) In my e-commerce website’s catalog search, after doing a search (, when I click on About Me, it displays the Page 404 Not Found. This issue is unique to this page (on other pages, it seem fine). However, (being a newbie) after trawling through the path files, I am still unable to find this particular file for me to correct the broken links.


2) Similar to the above problem, I am unable to locate the cart path file. I’d like to make changes to the cart page ( and shift the modes of payment and Paypal payment all to the right side of the page instead of left, but I can’t see to locate the page to edit the codes.


May I know where to find the pages for both issues above? Thank you for reading my post.


Re: Unable to Locate Files

Dear @sufyanahmad,

The problem on your site caused by your theme. To find the files manage the code on your theme, you need to enable the feature debug Template Path Hints of Magento by the way go to your backend -> System -> Configuration -> Developer and choose Current Configuration Scope on top left. After that select Debug/Template Path Hints as Yes and Debug/Add Block Names to Hints as Yes. -
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Re: Unable to Locate Files

Dear @ACheckout,


My apologies for the overdued reply. But thank you so much for the help =)