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Unable to generate the sitemap

Unable to generate the sitemap

Hi all,


I'm trying to generate manually magento sitemap, but I have an error "cannot generate sitemap".


Activating errors message in SitemapController.php shows the following error :


SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'e.entity_id' in 'on clause', query was: SELECT `main_table`.`entity_id`, `url_rewrite`.`request_path` FROM `av2_catalog_category_entity` AS `main_table` LEFT JOIN `av2_core_url_rewrite` AS `url_rewrite` ON url_rewrite.category_id=main_table.entity_id AND url_rewrite.is_system=1 AND url_rewrite.store_id = 1 AND url_rewrite.id_path LIKE 'category/%' INNER JOIN `av2_catalog_category_entity_int` AS `t1_is_active` ON main_table.entity_id=t1_is_active.entity_id AND t1_is_active.store_id=0 LEFT JOIN `av2_catalog_category_entity_int` AS `t2_is_active` ON t1_is_active.entity_id = t2_is_active.entity_id AND t1_is_active.attribute_id = t2_is_active.attribute_id AND t2_is_active.store_id = 1 INNER JOIN `av2_groupscatalog_category_idx` ON av2_groupscatalog_category_idx.catalog_entity_id=e.entity_id AND av2_groupscatalog_category_idx.group_id=0 AND av2_groupscatalog_category_idx.store_id='1' WHERE (main_table.path LIKE '1/2/%') AND (t1_is_active.attribute_id='42') AND ((IF(t2_is_active.value_id > 0, t2_is_active.value, t1_is_active.value))=1)

 Any ideas how to fix this?


Thank you,




Re: Unable to generate the sitemap



As the error suggests: Unknown column 'e.entity_id' in 'on clause' = e.entity_id is not defined, not found = no entity_id

On this query: ON av2_groupscatalog_category_idx.catalog_entity_id=e.entity_id


So i think you should re-index your site before creating. sitemap.


Best Regards,