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Unable to send transactional e-mails

Unable to send transactional e-mails



I've recently migrated a magento store from one domain to another. Once the store was migrated, the transactional e-mails for new orders and other events stopped working in the new installation. I've tried creating new transactional e-mails from admin panel but the drop down menu from where I would normally select the template for transactional e-mails is empty.


I've tried upgrading the installation from to without any luck.

I've also searched forum for similar issues without finding anything.


Can any one help with this please?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Unable to send transactional e-mails

Sounds like your cronjob isn't runing on your new server. If you log into your server run crontab -l to see which cronjobs are set up.


You can also install AOE scheduler to see excatly what cron jobs are running when.


The main cronjob runs every 5 minutes (assuming this is what s set in your crontab) however not every task runs everytime AOE schedule lest you see exactly when each task runs.