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Unknown Issue. Messed up order information

Unknown Issue. Messed up order information



Just recently i noticed that all new orders information is messed up.

Interesting that for all new orders user address is allwais from United States and some random address.. At products you can see 3 products 2 top of them doesn't even exit in catalog.

Is there anyone who seen this issue or virus and know how to fix this?



Re: Unknown Issue. Messed up order information

Have you applied all the recently released security patches by Magento?

You can check the IP address in the order  information. Are all these orders from same IP address?

If all these orders are from a particular IP address you can restric that ip adress to access your site.



Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Unknown Issue. Messed up order information

Thank you for reply,


Well i checked, orders are not coming from the same ip address because i tried place an order my self wrote down random order information and this came up like you can see in the screenshoot. And i don't think so that secureity patches will change anything. Or am i wrong?

Re: Unknown Issue. Messed up order information



Have you been able to get this solved? I am facing exactly the same problem and not able to find a solution. I restored the data from old date, it worked fine for couple of days and I started seeing orders with the products I don't have in my database.

Order emails received shows actual order products only but in admin it shows these additional products. And the name and address gets replaced as some Jon Doe from Chicago. This happens with my test order also.

All the recent security patches has been applied.

Would be great if you can throw some light on this??