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Update over FTP

Update over FTP

This is my first post and I am also a magento newbie so I hope I'm using proper forum.

First some background - I got to manage this magento store from co-worker, but initially it was setup by an outside company which is not very helpful. So at the moment I'm still trying to figure out who did what. I hope for this community to help me resolve some problems I found while inspecting magento site. I have some experiance with joomla, but none with magento.


1. I can't update extension packages. I get 'Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions, which downloader requires.' error. After checking permissions I found out all files/folders are 777, but when I start update, maintenance.flag and connect.cfg get 666 and different owner (apache). Server administrator explained that all files have their own owner, different from apache.

Joomla can use ftp update in such case, does this also work in magento? Or should server administrator change something on his side?


2. I tried to enable google analytics, but I get no results. Then I used google tag inspector and it showed me unknown ID? I have proper ID setup in configuration/Google API, so I have no idea where this other ID came from.



Re: Update over FTP

Hi @mwapuleni,


1) You'll need that files owner and webserver owner are the same (or you can use an onwer and a group but you'll need to assign the right permissions to the group).

This is a server configuration.

Using 777 isn't the best idea (to be honest, is the worst).

Here you'll find some official documentation about this issue and the right configuration:


2) It depends on Magento version, your theme and 3rd-party modules but GA integration works out-of-the-box. Maybe is a configuration scope problem.

It's a little bit hard to try to guess why that feature doesn't work because is quite simple.

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