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Upgrading disaster

Upgrading disaster

Our Magento guy just up and quit the other day. No one here really knows anything technical about Magento. We were just trained in adding pictures, changing prices and writing descriptions for adding products to our website.

We have been getting messages from the system on the backend about upgrading or updating files because of security issues. There were about 12 notifications that were bright red on the screen.

I went to Magento Connect and saw about 20 files that could be upgraded. I clicked the dropdown box next to each file and it had approx. 4 to 5 later upgrade versions of the files to choose from, so I chose the latest versions (, I think)  After I changed all the files to the latest versions, I clicked "Commit Changes".  After it got done doing it's thing, I clicked "refresh" and the screen immediately went to a "403 Forbidden" screen. I can't get into anything on the front or back end and I am currently off the internet. I can't get into anything to edit or change anything.  

We are an E-Commerce Store and I need to get this fixed.  Can someone please help me?


Re: Upgrading disaster

Hi @StupidScott,


Maybe you prefer to search for qualified help here:


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Re: Upgrading disaster

Thank you!!