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Upload HTTP Error - Images

Upload HTTP Error - Images

Hi All,


I love Magento . . .


I spent hours taking new product photos, and then to my surprise all of a suddent I can't upload any images.  I flushed all of the cache, and tried previously uploaded photos.


I also uploaded my last back-up file of my website, and the error still comes up in a Red Box.


I've read all of the previous messages and nothing is helpful.


Any ideas . . . I'm desperate.



Mary Lynne


Re: Upload HTTP Error - Images

what error you have??

could you please paste it here

MagenX - Magento and Server optimization

Re: Upload HTTP Error - Images

Hi mlbianchi


What worked for me was leaving out the punctuations in the image name for eg "freddy'stavern.jpg" i changed to "freddystavern.jpg"


This solved my problem after many days of troublshooting.


I hope this helps someone having the same problem.