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Uploading my module error rejected

Uploading my module error rejected

I'm trying to upload my module for community edition on Magento Connect but i recive always the e-mail of rejection with this error: 



In order for us to be able to approve your submission, please resubmit with the following corrections per our guidelines.

The following items must be corrected:


  • Extension Packaging: Repackage your extension correctly so that compatible Community Editions and/or Enterprise Editions correspond with correct channels. (Magento Connect 1.0 and Magento Connect 2.0) Please associate Magento versions 1.5 and above with Magento Connect 2.0 and Magento versions 1.4 and below with Magento Connect 1.0.

    See Section 2: How to Package & Publish Your Extension in Magento Connect Packing Extension Guidelines for further instructions.


  • Repeat Submissions: This is a request for you to first make changes as requested in previous rejection emails before resubmitting your extension to our Magento Connect marketplace. Repeat submissions without making any effort of making changes may result suspension of your account.


Please follow the Guidelines set forth in the Magento Connect Extension Guideline and the Magento Connect Developer Design Guideline at




 I followed step by step the guide of Magento Packing but still recive this error, is possible to know which is the exact error? I've tried to e-mail at address but i recived no response.





Re: Uploading my module error rejected

Hi Tovirio,


While packaging your extension you have to choose correct channel for distribution.

If your extension is supported for versions 1.5 and above you should select  Magento Connect 2.0 during the submission steps.


Do you remember which one did you select last time? Based on that select the correct one this time while resubmitting the packaged extension.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum