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Using SKU Code field for integration

Using SKU Code field for integration

We are providers of retail stock control and ePOS software. We are being asked to integrate with Magento e-commerce all the time! As part of our integration we need to use the Magento SKU Code field to manage product updates, etc. because in our stock system there is a unique numeric code that identifies a product and it must be the same in Magento SKU Code field for the integration to work!


This is causing some Magento store owners some problems as they do not want to change the existing value of the SKU Code field. Many of them use this field to enter the manufacturer part number and this helps potential customers find their product in Google searches. 


May I ask it is true that Google search specifically indexes the SKU Code field in Magento? 

Would it hurt the organic ranking of the product page if the SKU Code was part of the product description?

Is there any alternative field in the Magento product record (and available in Rest API) that could be used for integration?