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Vat on cart value

Vat on cart value



I want to add 5% vat on cart value and cart contains discounted products. Along with this tax on individual product is also applicable and added to the MRP.  I wish to show this vat deduction on frontend , invoice and backend.

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Re: Vat on cart value

Hi @bhagyashree11,


Could you please clarify your request by adding an example of the required tax calculation?

Best regards.

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Re: Vat on cart value

Hi @Gabriel Guarino,


I wish to add vat on the cart value having discounted products only. Let us take an example I have 5 products in my cart, among those 3 products are discounted products then I want to add vat on these 3 products's cart value.

Vat should be calculated and shown everywhere in admin ,sales,orders,invoices and frontend.