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View All Products issue - Only shows 3 products

View All Products issue - Only shows 3 products



I have a really annoying bug in my shop.

On the catalog page visitors can choose to 'view all' products.

However choosing for this option will always return exactly 3 products to show.

Even though the category might contain 80 products.

Setting limiters to 20, 60, 80 works fine and the server doesn't have any problems to handle it.


The toolbar.phtml is untouched.

It's theme unrelated because I have 2 shopviews with 2 different themes both have the same problem.

Problem didn't occured always but unfortunately I forgot when it happened - from my memory I thought it was related to a security patch update from Magento a few months ago.


I'm on a dedicated server, apache, magento 1.8.1 updated with all the security patches.


Also I'm not the only one with this issue - however others also seem to have no luck in getting an fix:


Any suggestions where else to look then the template and toolbar.phtml?