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Webshopapps UPS Freight unable to pull rates!

Webshopapps UPS Freight unable to pull rates!

My company has been trying to allow LTL Freight Shipping through our online store without requiring the customer to call in and give us the specifics of their shipment. What should seem like a straight forward task has proved to be very difficult. 


Our only issue today is not being able to request LTL Frieght rates from UPS when a customer goes to checkout. I believe this may be because we have the incorrect "Shipper Number", the one our UPS representative supplied me with is 8 characters long whereas Magento specifies it should be 6 characters. I have brought this to UPS's attention and half the time I hear that it is the correct number, the other half I hear we don't even have an LTL Freight account.


Has anyone else dealt with the Webshopapps UPS Freight extension and gotten it to successfully work?


Thank you