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Where's this block in my platform?

Where's this block in my platform?



I need to edit some code (to change a link and an image). In the admin panel there this code in the part I'm interested to:


<p>{{block type="brands/brands" template="infortis/brands/brand_slider.phtml" breakpoints="[0, 1], [320, 4], [480, 5], [768, 6], [960, 7], [1280, 7]" timeout="6000" move="1" pagination="1" block_name="THE NAME OF THE BLOCK"}}</p>

How could I access in this block to edit it? In static blocks there's nothing like that.


I have not ftp access and I have a Magento account with not administration privileges.


Thanks and regards



Re: Where's this block in my platform?

Because it isn't a static block. This is a dynamic block placed there by Infortis theme (most likely Ultimo). I can give you general direction how to find the template file it uses (because its path is part of the block definition), but you have to fill some blanks yourself:


From Magento root go to: app/design/frontend/{your package}/{your theme}/template/infortis/brands/brand_slider.phtml


Since I don't know what is your package and theme name, I just used placeholders {your package} and {your theme}. Replace them with your data.

Tanel Raja