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Why is my wishlist blank?


Why is my wishlist blank?

Here's the problem:


I wanted to change "My Wishlist" to "My Toolbox" and so I changed all the references in the language .csv files as I was instructed on a blog. Nothing technical, just text changes.


Then I went to the app/code/core/Mage/Wishlist/Block/Links.php and copied that to app/code/local/Mage/Wishlist/Block/Links.php


I then changed the portion that shows the Wishlist in the top_links:

} else {
     return $this->__('My Toolbox');

That's all. 


Then of course in the customer.xml file I changed the position of the link items, which was pretty simple.


Now when I go to My Account, the wishlist link is missing from the menu, and when I click "My Toolbox" the wishlist page is BLANK with no account menu, as though it no longer exists. 

I checked the admin, and Wishlist is enabled - I tried disabling it but that did not work, it just made the top_link disappear. So I re-enabled and still not working. 


Can anyone help lead me in the right direction?





Re: Why is my wishlist blank?

In order to change text only then use Inline Translate functionality (System >> Configuration >> Developer >>Translate Inline). Also may Translate not work on Chrome so use Firefox for it.


Dont do change into core files directly.  Yes your method was correct to change itno language csv file, but it works may you'd change into wrong file.


Good luck Smiley Happy

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Re: Why is my wishlist blank?

I tried the inline translate and it would not save after I clicked the change button Smiley Sad 


Even when I revert back to all the original files, the wishlist is still blank. I have no idea what is going on.

Re: Why is my wishlist blank?

Figured it out for anyone who needs help with this problem. It's a standard "White screen of death" for magento, that only shows in the error reports.


So turn on error logs from Config > Developer > Logs and make sure it's enabled. 


Then go to var > logs > system.log and look at the errors. Everytime you look, delete all the logs and then refresh your page again and see what the errors for that specific page is.


Most of the time it is not clear, but for me it said there was an error at the end of file for me wishlist. So I went through all my wishlist files, and low and behold, there was a bracket that I did not close out on the wishlist.xml file. 


Hope this helps!