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Widget Options Button Missing in CMS Block/Pages

Widget Options Button Missing in CMS Block/Pages

how are you doing?

I'm quite new at Magento development and I'm takin my initial steps with Magento Now i'm facing a problem that I don't make any idea of what or how the hell are happening.

I've normally created my CMS Static Block with a notice, which should be shown at Cart Page.

When I'm creating a new CMS Widget, I fill all required field as I always did:

But when I try to select wich CMS Block shoul be related with this widget, I can't see "Select Static Block" button. It simply doesn't appear. Look screenshot:

Some information that i think will be useful:

- It's a brand new Magento Installation
- I've imported Category and Products from an Magento installation.
- I'm using (Premium) Magentech SM Papa Magento template.
- I've already tryied uninstall my template and repeat the process with base template, without success.
- My Magento was automatically installed by GoDaddy Installation (cPanel feature).
- It also was automatically updated from to by GoDaddy.

I hope some of you guys can help me with that... At least showing me a way to figure out what are causing this issue.

Thank in advance!


I just try to create a Lined CMS Page Widget, and seems to get same problem...

So I figured out that ALL Widget type is with the same problem. 



Nothing in console, nothing in log/




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Re: Widget Options Button Missing in CMS Block/Pages

Hey guys! Please! Someone take a look at this. I'm getting crazy <o>

Re: Widget Options Button Missing in CMS Block/Pages

Check if it is enabled.

Configuration > System > Advanced

There, you will see the list of of disabled/enabled modules.