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Worldpay Magento Configeration Issue

Worldpay Magento Configeration Issue


I wonder if you may be able to help me. I have recently built a new website for my existing business (replaces old web site) on Magento 1.9. The site is now live but I have noticed a technical issue with payments. The transaction works from Magento to Worldpay completely fine and payments go through successfully. The problem occurs after a transaction, when returning to the site. The customer receives an email from Worldpay but the information is not transferred back to Magento. Transaction statuses are displayed as "Payment Pending". Worldpay takes us back to Magento but we receive a message just saying "Error Occurred" briefly before being taken to an empty basket. The clients order history is also empty as the order is not seen as an order until payment notification is received from worldpay. After discussion with Worldpay they insist this is a common error within Magento, not worldpay and we will require a developer to resolve the bug.

Please help !!


Re: Worldpay Magento Configeration Issue

Hi Supertoddy,


I can check and fix issue for you. Please reply me at for faster communication.



Nirmal (
Magento Freelancer

Re: Worldpay Magento Configeration Issue

Thank you for your response but the issue is currently being looked into by another Magento Developer.