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add to cart blank page

add to cart blank page



i have migrate my shop on a new server (ubuntu 14.04). Everything work great execpt a huge bug. When i want to add a product on cart, i have a blank page in this /checkout/cart/add/uenc/aHR0cDovL21vbi1leHByZXNzby5mci90ZS1uZXJvLWFsLWxpbW9uZQ,,/product/31/form_key/KsxmppMmV88PHMwK/


I try all the solution i've found, such as increase memory_limit, disable all the comunity and local module, try to compile.


I have any error on my apache log and magento log and any error one the white page. 


I really don't understand what's happend. When i go on the checkout page, the product are on the cart so ..


Really need help please.

Thanks a lot


Re: add to cart blank page

Find the word error_reporting in the index.php and replace that  with error reporting(E_ALL)  and refresh the page. If there is an error it will be displayed in that page.


Also check whether the contents are hidden due to css. 

Check the page source.

Re: add to cart blank page

i`m facing the same issue in magento 2.1 nothing in page source just displays a grey 1 on side of page in page source.

Re: add to cart blank page

hi , did you solved this issue? how? please help