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attribute name come blank

attribute name come blank

Hello there,

I was creating configurable product but get an error on associate product. my selected attribute names does not show.

steps i used


for creating configurable product use these setting - in manage attribute -

scope = globe

Use To Create Configurable Product = yes,

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner = dropdown


in admin panel i use following steps

manage products - Add product
attribute set - default (or any other) and product type - configurable product
i select attribute color, size than continue
i filled all required information like name, price and others but when i click to associate product on the next page it should show my attributes color and size automatically in attribute name but does not show it come blank. hence i cannot save it as configurable product.


plz check the screenshots


Please help me,



Re: attribute name come blank

It is quite strange that product type (type_id) is shown as configurable attribute there.  There should be shown configurable attributes that you have created beforehand, like color, size etc -


Did you select configurable attributes as on the screen-capture above?

Maybe you have some extension installed that changed the logics of Magento work? If yes, try to disable them and create configurable once again.


Small hint, press "Save and continue edit" for them to be visible and you will see "Quick simple product creation" form and will be able to select attribute form to create associated simple products.

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