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base url changes not taking effect

base url changes not taking effect



I've seen a few threads on this topic but after using recommendations from them I am still having no luck.


I need to configure my magento site to go from the test domain which was used to create it to the new primary domain that is already in existence. After changing the primary domain via my host I can no longer get access to the magento admin back end.

I went into the core_config_data table in phpMyadmin and set the fields are recommended in previous thread posts.





I then deleted the cache folder from the server and recreated it. The permissions were set to 777. After waiting a few minutes for that folder to repopulate with the correct files I opened a few to see if I could see what was going on. For example : public_html/var/cache/mage--8/mage---12b_STORE_DEFAULT_CONFIG_CACHE

Inside the file and the others it is still pointing to the old domain.




It's as if my base url changes are refusing to take place. Any suggestions as to where I'm going wrong would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks,

M&S Catering


Re: base url changes not taking effect

Do a search via phpmyadmin in core_config_data for the old domain. It may be another store that is set as default (besides "0"), or maybe you have the cookie_domain value hard-coded to the old domain.


Also check app/etc/local.xml and main .htaccess file for any hard-coded domains. Flush cache again, and if you can, clear php opcode cache (restart php). If you had compilation enabled, you may need to disable it as well.