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can not add product in admin panel

can not add product in admin panel

Hi to all 

i have a bad and big problem with my magento. i was use Magento after add about 4 thousand product and 576 attribute in add new product page i don't see tabs of attributes 

i use Default or other custom attribute set for my product but i think my Main system attribute are broken in link to attribute set but there have all of default attributes in My attribute sets

screen shot from my add new product page :


there was same problem that asked in magento stackexchange but that was no answer :


after that i was install fresh magento without anything

and after that transfered my product,orderes,customer,attribute and attribute set to new shop . every things was good for 1 month but after that today again have this problem


any body can help me ?

i was installed 9 extenstions in 1 month ago and don't installed anything newly



Re: can not add product in admin panel

anyone know about this ?