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can't login to magento connect manager

can't login to magento connect manager

I have a Magento CE1.9.1.1 installation running on a server that is accessed via two different domains:

Using vhosts, the root paths look something like:


The folders all have symlinks pointing to app, downloader, includes, js, lib, media, skin, var; which are all located under /magento, as well as appropriate .htaccess and index.php files that load two different stores. The admin is accessed via as this is listed as the default base URL. I need to test and launch a few new extensions and didn't want to work off the live site. So instead I copied the files and DBs to a new server and have subdomains (same domain) set up as such (with the same root paths via vhosts):

I made the appropriate DB changes so that the base URLs for each of the stores are fixed, and both stores seem to run just fine.

The trouble is that I can't seem to access Connect Manager. Navigating to or gives me a login page. But when I enter credentials I'm redirected to /downloader/index.php?A= with no error message. Even stranger, I notice that this is true when I try logging in live via When I try logging into, it works.

Following advice I found elsewhere, I tried deleting cache.cfg and connect.cfg in the downloader folder on the dev server (and cleared the /var/cache and /var/session folders as well) to no avail. Nothing is popping up in Magento or PHP error logs.



Re: can't login to magento connect manager

Try access using HTTP instead of HTTPS.