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checkout problem

checkout problem

Hi to all!,


I'm encountering a little weird kind of problem, the checkout doens't go through, the spinner keeps going. Although I found out I was able to process the order in Firefox, the other browsers don't go through.

I didn't encounter this problem earlier, does anyone know of this problem or what I could do to fix it?checkout_problem.png


Re: checkout problem



You may have already done this but just in case.


  • Clear browser cache. Once done make sure you do not have a cookie for your domain.
  • Clear Magento cache.
  • If you are placing an order as a logged in customer then cross check you cart content in both browser.
  • Keep your browser debugging tool open, it should show the request and error like 500, 503, 404 etc.
  • Check the Magento log as well as server log for the error.


Magento 1 used to have a bug where in chrome admin user was not able to login. Here that may not be a case. Look like more of user issue or caching issue. Let know if anything above helps.

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Re: checkout problem



Thank you for your response and sorry it took me so long.

cache clearing didn't help...

as we have b2b, customers are only able to order when logged in, I've tried 2 different customer account to test, both freezes page while checking out in edge, chrome,safari and incognito screen, the only way I can process is in firefox.

I will check the logs, I haven't done yet.

Thank you for your help! much appreciated!