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emails not sent to customer or owner.

emails not sent to customer or owner.

I recently had to re install an older copy of my website. Since this time customers and owner cant get any email confirmation

I have checked the core email queue and found the orders in there. I believe this is to do with cron, but I'm not a hundred percent sure.

Im worried that if i change anything i will lose these orders.


Please help.


Re: emails not sent to customer or owner.

Hi @ulefos


Please follow the steps:

  • Open file app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Order.php Line#1356
  • Find queueNewOrderEmail() function
  • In Line#1356 find the code:



   replace with:


This will send mail directly, you can check email by placing an order.

If mail not send after changing code please check your server configuration for email.


Please let me know if it helps.



Let me know if it helps. You can raise a KUDOS if its really worth for you. Also if it solves your problem then please mark as SOLUTION.